April 5th 2017  CN Bio announces signing of License Agreement with BMS for HBV programme.  http://www.cn-bio.com/license-hepatitis-b-bristol-myers-squibb/



June 2015 XstalBio Limited announces the appointment of Gavin Clark in a Commercial Development Role

March 2015 CN Bio announced that it has entered into 2 separate Research collaborations (Benitec and Isis Pharma) for its LiverChip / Quantum B human liver on a chip / disease model technology.
December 2014 Gavin Clark will continue to lead Business Development activities for NRTC BV (Oss, The Netherlands) in 2015
January 2014 Gavin Clark will represent Marlin in leading Licensing activities at Welwyn Garden City based CN Bioinnovations.

October 22nd 2012 Marlin will provide Business Development Consultancy for Neurophyxia BV. Neurophyxia has a phase II orphan drug program in the treatment of perinatal asphyxia

October 21st 2011 Marlin Bioconsulting will provide consulting services for Therapeutic Vaccine specialist biotech Immunovo BV of s’ Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Marlin will be coordinating partnering for both Immunovo’s pipeline of oncology vaccines and its novel PEPA10 vaccine adjuvant technology.
September 12th 2011 Marlin Bioconsulting will provide consulting services for PamGene international BV of s’ Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. Marlin will be coordinating partnering PamGene’s Alzheimers Disease / MCI kinase profiling biomarker programme with major CNS companies.
February 14th 2011 Marlin Bioconsulting will provide consulting services for Biota Scientific Management Pty Limited, in association with antiviral R&D partnering. October 23rd 2010
August 23rd 2010 Physiomics plc has signed a Letter of Intent with Jubilant BioSys(Bangalore) to enter into a Joint Services Alliance. This unique service offering combines Physiomics' modelling expertise in biological processes to predict the effects of anti-cancer drugs in living systems and Jubilant's expertise in oncology preclinical in-vitro and in-vivo assays. The main deliverables of the offering will be to provide client companies with the optimal combinations of standard of care agents and schedules for their anti-cancer drugs.
July 1st 2010 Marlin Bioconsulting has entered into a Work Agreement with Catenion GmbH and the Catenion Academy in Berlin, Germany. Catenion is a management consulting firm devoted to helping pharma and medical product companies significantly increase returns on R&D and marketing investments by creating more innovative and effective strategies and organisations. The Academy offers education programmes such as Decision Analysis training and focuses on proven approaches to making complex investment decisions for R&D projects and portfolios.
June 1st 2010 Marlin Bioconsulting Ltd, represented by Gavin Clark will provide consultancy services for Zurich based private Lipideon Biotechnology AG. The company has a novel lipid lowering agent in late preclinical development and a platform technology.
March 31st 2010 Gavin Clark is co-founder of MGB Biopharma Limited which today commenced operations in Glasgow, UK. The company is targeting infectious diseases with a new class of antibacterials Funding secured totalled almost £2M from angel syndicate led by Archangel Informal Investments Ltd in association with TriCapital Ltd, Barwell plc and the Scottish Co-Investment Fund.
November 13th 2009 Biota to acquire the assets of Maxthera Inc
May 5th 2009 Marlin Bioconsulting has entered into a consulting contract to support Lamellar BioMedical Limited in its commercial development goals. Lamellar is a privately held company based in Bellshill, Scotland which is focused on the development & commercialisation of lamellar body mimetics; Lamellasomes (TM)
April 9th 2009 Physiomics plc has signed a license deal with Eli Lilly under which the Oxford based company will develop a customised version of its ModelPlayer for in-silico simulations of anti-cancer drugs. ModelPlayer is a computational sysytems biology application which creates simulations of cell behaviour enabling drug interactions to be modelled in-silico.
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