About us

We love working with companies that have exciting novel science on the path to proof of concept. Our objectives are quite simply to allow the "bird to fly". This is realised through the exit - be that for project or company; including licensing deals, research collaboration, listing or tradesale of the company.

In pursuit of these goals we are able to apply the combined assets of our network, know-how and track record. In the last 30 years we have consistently been the engine behind deals from both sides of the table for Big Pharma, Biotech and Pharma Enabling technology companies. We have also been behind several tradesale exits.

This allows us to make a substantial impact for clients - without the burden of being a full time employee with the attendant costs associated with a permanent CBO, COO or VP Business Development. We also have associates who have in the past successfully shared in achievement of client goals.

Marlin has a worldwide network built up over several decades and is also associated with other organisations with similar philosophies:

New England PharmAssociates (Massachusetts) and Procela Partners Limited (Dublin)

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